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Overwhelmed and undermotivated

That would be me, as of late.

I have continually been adding to my To-Do list, and not crossing a single thing off. Until yesterday.  Finally.

I seem to go through this cycle where I pile on the stuff.  I have a blog post a want to write, and I have another idea for a different post.  Scratch that, make that three ideas for three different blog posts.  And all of the ideas are mixing themselves up in my brain as effectively as using my Kitchen Aid on Thanksgiving’s mashed potatoes.  (Oh, how I LOVE mashed potatoes, but, I digress. Again.)

I really needed to write at least two blogs; but I was taking a medication that gave me headaches, kept me from sleeping and literally ruined my brain for a while.  I also was really looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday, because I knew Mister’s son and daughter-in-law would be visiting, and I just love them so very much.  Before we could pick them up for a wonderful week of fun (another blog post!), we had to do eight-hour drive for the holiday visitation drop-off to take the kids to their dad, and then one full day of cleaning and cooking before picking up son and daughter-in-law.

Side Note: As is my luck, we had friends that had just arrived for the winter who wanted to stop by for a visit during the clean/cook day.  They happened to time the visit just right (thank goodness!), and all was well until I shattered a glass pretty much in everyone’s faces.  I’m still finding glass pieces two weeks later.  That thing literally exploded all over the dining room and living room.  That’s just SO me to add more stress simply because I’m already stressed. *sigh*

In the meantime, I had ordered two books I really wanted to read, but I had to put them on the back burner during the holidays.  I also had a craftsy type project that I’ve been working on for quite some time that needed to be completed… ASAP.  Add on Callie needing to have a root canal and crown work done, and I was pretty much at DEFCON 1.  (Callie actually had just enough dental benefit to cover all the work, with about $3 and change left over… WHEW!).

After our week of nothing-but-relaxation-and-fun with son and daughter-in-law, plus lots of traveling to pick the kids back up, Mister was a bit antsy.  I was ready to sit and blog, and he was ready to stop sitting around.   And I felt so blahhhhhhhhhh. Last week consisted mainly of a mushy brain (with lots of words jumbled together in a very not-cohesive way), daily headaches, and the unending pressure of knowing my sitting around feeling blah and not doing any writing was getting me absolutely nowhere.  I distracted myself with getting Christmas shopping done online.  Which is actually a major accomplishment, except that I simply added that on my growing pile of to-do’s without taking care of the other to-do’s.

However, this past weekend, I finally did get some things accomplished.  The project? Done. YAY!  Christmas decorating? Done.  (Although the most recent addition to the to-do list, at least it’s done.) Yippee!  One of my two books? Read; AND I even sent an email to the author about how amazing it is.  Blog post about why I’ve been absent detailing every excuse for not blogging? Almost done.  Woo Hoo!  Headaches? Sorta gone, but not quite.

And while I might be detailing inane excuses as to why I haven’t blogged lately, the real point here is that life gets busy.  And messy.  And sometimes your brain turns mushy.  And that’s okay, so long as you take a break, recoup, and don’t procrastinate when it’s time to get back in the thick of things.  Another point?  Sometimes you can have crappy blogs about nothing, and it doesn’t matter.  Because, for me, it’s simply a matter of getting some of these words out of my head…

Making my dash less overwhelmed and undermotivated,


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