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A [Supernatural] Project….

I love new projects!!  Especially the crafty kinds.  However, I get bored with them after I’ve gotten a technique or pattern down.  I’ve been working on a particularly special project and I had gotten to the bored point.  I wasn’t even half-way through it when I realized I was in danger of having a fantastic half-completed project sitting around the house.


I hunkered down with my project, went to a fantastic website that had all of the Supernatural shows on it, I put my head phones on, and got caught up with one of my favorite TV shows while working away on said project!  I also went MIA with the blog  posts.

I am now halfway through the project, and am pushing to get it finished!  I wanted to start doing a blog post a day, and I have some great posts (in my opinion!) I want to do.  However, I am putting those on hold until I get this project done.

In the meantime, it’s starting to feel like Fall around here (even at 90+ degrees)!  We also did our walk/run yesterday, but I only ran down the hill the first time and walked the rest of the route.  We only walked our route again today (no jogging), and that was great for me.  I like that so much better.  In other news, I’ve agreed with some friends on facebook that I need to divorce my scale.  Weighing is now OUT.  From now on I will be taking measurements, as I really believe the scale is my arch-nemesis.

Have a wonderful week!

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