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Garage: Almost there!

Looks like I was a bit too optimistic about the garage being done by Christmas.  I’m sure everyone but me knew it too!  If I would have thought about all the things still needing to be done, I would have realized being done before 2012 came was not a realistic expectation.  No matter, it really is still SO close to being done!

Beast's garage all painted!

Last week they painted the Beast’s garage, but they still need to paint the window opening on the existing garage’s side.  Turns out they used a semi-gloss in the new garages, and the existing garage has flat paint in it.  So the painter has to run out and get some flat paint to finish it.   They are also painting the man-doors in the garages today.

The garage doors were installed on Thursday, as we were taking the day trip to drop off the kids with their Dad.  The doors look AWESOME.  They’re a newer design that have wide rectangles on them, rather than the standard smaller ones (you’ll see in the pictures at the bottom of this post).  We are going to have them replace the existing garage door to match the new ones, but they weren’t able to do it when we were gone.  It’s been a bit disconcerting to have the garages so open, especially with the window opening between the existing garage and the Beast’s garage.  Anyone could grab a ladder and get into the house, if they were determined.  We were relieved to come back from our daytrip and see that the garage doors had been installed.  The garage electrical isn’t hooked up to the main yet, so Mister ran an extension cord to the little garage’s opener and closed the doors.

Mister's Death-Trap Ladder

A SANER idea

The Beast’s garage door opener was a bit more difficult to get to, since it’s 15 feet up.  So Mister had to leave that alone.  For a few days.   He got to the point of it driving him nuts that he couldn’t get an extension cord ran to the Beast’s opener. Then he decided to get creative with ladders.  This was NOT a good plan, and as I’m terrified of heights and something bad happening to him, I was not pleased to see him working at his “plan”.  I refused to help him set up the ladders, until he asked me to help.  I struggled with whether I should offer up a good idea I had for getting him up on a ladder and close to that stupid opener.  I decided to go ahead and tell him, and it turned out to work for him.  He got the door closed, and we were able to secure the house.  So, no E.R. trip with his death-ladder trap, and a safe house for us.  I can’t complain about that!

Taz Concrete hard at work!

On Friday Taz Concrete came out and poured both of the driveways.  They look fantastic!  As always, Taz does a fantastic job.  While they were doing that, Mister and I went to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and then back to Lowe’s.  We spent HOURS in man-heaven.  Mister had made an arrangement with the electrician: The electrician would run the wires, get the panel in, and run the main to the garage panel.  Mister was going to do the finish work, installing the outlets and lights. We found all the outlets, switches, and covers we needed to finish the electrical.  We also got the lights for the garages, and the door hardware.  Mister was so excited to get to work that on Friday we both installed almost all of the electrical outlets.  We couldn’t get to the garage door outlet on the Beast’s 15-foot ceiling though.  On Saturday he installed the four-foot flourescent light fixture in the little garage, and most of the door hardware.

We won’t be able to finish the Beast’s electrical stuff yet, because of the high ceiling.  Since I obviously hate ladders and heights, and this seem so dangerous, we’re going to wait until the concrete cures and then pull the Beast into the garage.  That way we can get on top of it and Mister can more easily install the lights, and the outlets for the garage door opener.  That should be scary for me, and fun for him.

At this point, we don’t have too much left to get done.  They need to finish the stucco, and they’re waiting for the concrete to cure before they put their scaffolding on it.  They also will be stuccoing the cinderblock approach walls on the Beast’s garage. The electrician has got to dig his trench and get the electrical hooked up.  Mister finishing the electric in the Beast’s garage, install the outside porch light and electric outlet.  Painting the new garage doors and scuppers.  After all that they’ll get the landscaping done, and then I can post the before and after pictures!! Until then, here’s the recent photos:

Little garage is ready for the concrete pour!

Street side view of the little garage forms set up

Mister was relieved to see the sewer clean-out just on the other side of the little garage's driveway. Even if it was busted up on accident.

Mister, in his supervisory role

Nicely done, Taz!!

Little garage's driveway, all finished!

Little garage, streetside

Pretty garage door!

Other side of the little garage (SO nice having it be a drive-through garage!)

Mister wanted a picture of the Beast's toilet... all nicely installed. I won't be spending anymore time taking pictures of it, though.

The Beast's driveway... Nice!!

Street side view of the Beast's Driveway...

New garage door! Still need to replace existing garage door to match...

The garage… is SO close to being done!

Brown coat is on!! Little garage is lookin' GREAT!

This ‘little’ garage project of Mister’s has zipped right along!!  It is amazing the amount of work that has been accomplished in just a few weeks’ time.  Mister is one happy camper, and this morning he was saying that he thinks this might be done by Christmas… It will by a great present (that he gave to himself…LOL).

The last post I wrote about had pictures of the garages framed, partially sheathed and the trusses were up.  We expected that the sheathing would cover the entire framing, but they only used it for the sheer walls.

Within the last three weeks they’ve finshed the roofs, put the black paper and styrofoam all around the walls, and got the [chicken] wire up for the stucco. The stucco guys told us our house had special rounded corners, so they did extra wiring around all the garage corners… which made for a really nice look.

Last week was a super busy one.  Monday the walls were insulated.  Tuesday and Wednesday the drywalling was was done. The mud and taping was done every day Thursday through Sunday.  Today we woke up to find two crews here.  One who did the texture, and the other who started the brown coat for the stucco.  It looks AWESOME!!!!

There are lots of pictures, so I put them in the slide-show format Mister is so [not] fond of (sorry, honey!):

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