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We’ve got concrete!

Today was the big day for getting the concrete slabs poured!  Yesterday they finished the prep work, and we had concrete being poured by 9:30 this morning!  At one point we even had two concrete trucks on both ends of the little garage.  That was pretty cool.  They’re still out there doing finishing work on it, but it looks great.  They should start framing in a few days.  We are happy campers!!

Beast's garage... ready for concrete!

Little garage... all ready too!

Pouring into the back of the Beast's garage from the side, because the gas line is in the way

Pouring from the front now, under Mister's watchful eye.

Working around the suspended gas line was a PITA, I'm sure. But they did a great job!

They ran concrete along the side of the walls, and then filled in the middle.

Working on the right side now...

It's coming along nicely!

Mister busy supervising...

A double pour!

Getting it done!

Doing finish work on the Beast's garage, while the others were still pouring the little garage's slab


Another Purty!

A view from the other side...

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