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“You need to eat more.” Wha?!?!

Just me

I’m a little “buzzy” this morning, and so I’m going to try to stay focused here, but NO promises!!

I’ve pretty much struggled with my weight my whole life.   I was at my worst in December of 2008 at a whopping 188 pounds (GULP!).  Enter separation/divorce/family problems and a year later I had lost 42 pounds simply due to stress.  I was actually excited about the weight loss (definitely not the stress!) because I was only 11 pounds away from my goal weight of 135!  I thought to myself…

“I am NEVER gaining that weight back again!”

Famous last words, right?!

Well, I started working in January of 2010, and I kept eating junk food and snacking constantly.  I never really exercised and so I slowly started gaining weight over the next year.

By March I had gained back about 7 pounds and thought, ok, it’s time to lose this and get serious about getting down to 135.  So, I cut out the junk food, and started seriously exercising.  And I KEPT gaining weight.  I got up to 158 and was starting to freak out a bit.  We went on vacation for the summer, and we didn’t eat so very well.  Not horrible like I was the year before, but not really focused on healthy eating.  We also hardly got any exercise in.  I ended up gaining another 10 pounds.  Ugh.

So when we returned from vacation in August I got really serious about losing weight.  We’ve been walking/running between 10 – 15 miles a week, as well as doing some core exercises at home.  I cut out lots of the junk, and hardly ever snack at all.  Over the last two and a half months I’ve lost a total of 3 pounds.  THREE POUNDS.  Plus, I started getting some odd symptoms that I thought might mean I was peri-menopausal. (If you’re a guy and you just read that last sentence, I am SO sorry!)  I called the doctor and had her do some blood work that we figured I didn’t need at my last appointment.  Besides the weight gain, I also mentioned that I was getting hot flashes (at the weirdest times too), and told them that Brad kindly mentioned that I was a “bit” moody.  Enter yesterday’s doctor appointment…

Yesterday morning I was having a bit of difficulty with the kids coming back from their visit and the usual readjusting.  Certain things that are said to the kids that put pressure on them bother me, but there’s nothing I can do about that other than be the best parent I can be and encourage my kids to grow up and be the people THEY want to be.  On top of dealing with that, I had to go see the doctor and was fairly nervous.  She walks in and says my blood work is 100% completely normal!  After discussing the issues I had with her, and how hard I’ve been trying to lose weight, she says…

“I think your problem is that you’re not eating enough.  You need to eat MORE.”

Words sent directly from heaven above.  I love her.  I love food.  Seriously though, she thinks the problem is that I’ve plateaued (clearly!) and I am not giving myself enough protein.  After MUCH discussion we decided on giving my body a jump-start by prescribing a medicine that is pretty much a metabolic stimulant for only 30 days.  I took it this morning.  All I can say is… BUZZYYYYYYYY.

Mister and I did our walk/run this morning.  I felt so good that we actually went around the block again!  Usually by the time we get home I’m ready to crawl up the driveway and drag myself over to the porch chair and rest.  This time it took all I could do to remain seated in the chair.  I’ve also been talking a hundred miles an hour.  Poor Mister is tolerating the chattiness, but he has called me Chatty Cathy at least twice today.  We both agreed (and the doctor recommended this too), that since I’m SO wired (you should see my hands as I try to type this…zoom!) that tomorrow will be a half a pill.  She also said I could even go every other day, if necessary.

I’m pretty unfocused today, only because I’m jumping from one thing to the next.  I even told Mister that we could put his HAM antenna up today (you know, from where we took the monstrous satellite dish down) and that I would even HELP him.  Yes, tomorrow will only be a half a pill.

I forgot to make my egg this morning (more protein!), so I’m off to do that shortly.  I’m going to be very careful with this, and monitor how I feel and what happens with my body.  I’ve already recognized that a whole pill is too much.  The doctor said a lot of what I thought was peri-menopausal stuff really is just related to the weight gain.  She was very proud of me for living a healthier life-style, and I’m pretty proud of that myself.  I’ve always been a junk-food muncher, and that’s just not something I want in my life anymore.  Plus, 40 is right around the corner and I know it’ll be harder to get it off then.

Ok, off to get rid of some energy! We’ve got a HAM thingy to set up! (Mister won’t like that I called it a thingy either… o_O)

Trying to make my dash better by getting rid of some extra me!


P.S.  I know some of you may want to tell me what a bad thing it is for me to take this.  Please don’t.  I’ve only given you a very brief description about what my doctor and I discussed at length, will all of the concerns that come with it.  If you wanted to say something about it, just know that I know it’s because you care! I promise to take good care of me! 😉

I hate exercising… Sorta


Image by rachel sian via Flickr

When I was growing up if there were a choice between being outdoors or indoors, I always chose the latter.

Usually with a book.

My childhood bestie, Chyllis, would attest to this.  In retrospect, I’m sure she  felt like she had to drag me out of the house to go play.  It’s still the same way for me.

I’ve been trying hard to have a better, healthier life-style.  I was talking to Brad today and telling him how much I hate exercising…sorta.  The ironic part is that today I did my indoor exercises, and it still didn’t feel like “enough”.  I ended up on the treadmill and did a mile.  I feel so conflicted about this, because on one hand I can’t stand having to exercise, and on the other hand I know I need to do it… and sometimes add even more.

My 15+ year old worn-out tennies

When I started doing a daily activity, we started out walking a mile up the hill, and then walking back down.  Gradually I added some jogging down the hill in there.  Then we decided to change things up a bit and stay closer to home.   We ended up with a 3.3 mile route around our house.  We start out walking up a hill, and then jog all the way to the bottom.  We walk up it again, and jog back down again. I really hate the jogging part.

The only reason I doing any jogging at all is because of Brad.  I know I hold him back from his normal run, and I feel badly about that.  That man is a machine, and would leave me in the dust (huffing and puffing!) if he really got to do a run that is more natural for his gait.  He easily runs 5 miles in about 50 – 55 minutes.  I also can’t stand the thought that I am so out of shape that he can outrun me with 26 years on me.  Ugh.

New (hopefully motivational!) tennies

Brad, with great patience, endures my attitude when we go out for our walk/run(jog).  I am really pissy.  I’ll say it outright.  I try not to be, but some days it gets the better of me.  I don’t want to go out and run down the stupid hill.  As I trudge up the hill I have this annoying discussion in my head about just wanting to get this whole thing over with… and I know the “yucky” part (the jog down the hill) is coming up. I also know that the faster I get through it, the quicker I get to go about doing something else in the day.   Sometimes I can keep my irritation under control, and Brad and I will have a nice chat as we walk.  Other times, I can’t.  And he usually states the obvious… “You’re GRUMPY today.  Just sayin’.”  By the way, it took ALL of  my self-control not to be a real smart-ass back to him after that comment yesterday.  However, I know my grumpiness has everything to do with me, and nothing to do with him.  So I held my tongue and let the poor man be.

The "Indoor Exercise Equipment"

I also am irritated with myself in that my legs burn walking up the hill, and it doesn’t affect Brad at all.  By the time we get to the top and have to go downhill, I’d just like to rest.  However, I think to myself that since I did the entire route the day before, and I can do it again.  My legs pretty much always burn and ache nowadays.  I think *hope* that will go away after a while.  The 3.3 miles is really nothing for Brad.  Last week we ran 5 days and I ended up with 16.5 miles for the week.   I like knowing that I accomplished that at the end of the week, but getting through it was a whole different thing.  (Brad actually ran 7 days last week. 5 miles 0n Sunday as well as the following Saturday… so he got 26.5 miles in. Good grief!) This week I did 9.9 miles.  I skipped Wednesday (this post will explain why!), and today we decided to exercise at home due to the heat and impending humidity.  I usually do CORE training. It works for me, it’s challenging, and I actually enjoy it!

I don’t like that I feel so tired all the time after our route.  We’re trying different things to see what will help with that.  We were just having some yogurt and grapes for lunch, but realized we probably need some protein to get us through the rest of the day.  We added a snack of celery and peanut butter along with some cucumber slices before lunch, and then either just a yogurt or some lunch-meat and cheese for lunch. Today seemed better for me, having the snack, but I still got fairly tired this afternoon.  I think part of the tiredness comes from the heat.  By the time we’re done with our route, it really is warm out.  Any of you have some suggestions… I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below for me..

I hate the exercise, but I don’t want to be a fat 40, 50, 60, 70-something.  I know I need to cowboy up.  I think right now during the lose-weight phase I will continue to do the dreaded walk/run.  When I get to my goal and need to maintain my weight, I’ll probably change that to just a walk.  I like walking so much better, and really enjoy myself.  In all of the hated exercising though, the one thing I love is that Brad is there doing it with me… He is my encouragement, and he even tolerates the grumpy exercising lady.

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