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Hey! That’s MY Fortune!

Mister's Fortune (that I opened!)

The other night Mister and I went to Panda Express.  I hate the taste of fortune cookies, but I absolutely can not leave the table without seeing what my fortune says!

I opened up one of the two sitting on the table and it read:

“You have a reputation for being straight-forward and honest.”

I laughed and told Mister I got HIS fortune.

You see, Mister is the most honest person I know.  He is a straight-shooter, and doesn’t beat around the bush about anything.  He doesn’t see any  point in lying, because you’re simply cheating the other person out of a truth.  Whether the truth is hurtful or not, you *must* be honest.  However, you *must not* be hurtful with your honesty.  Those are two very different things, and I have seen him struggle with trying to be as kind as possible to someone while keeping his integrity in tact and remaining true to himself and that other person.  It is incredibly unfair to people to let them believe something that isn’t true.  Not something I had considered before meeting him, since I always told people what I thought they wanted to hear.

Strangely, his straight-forwardness is something that has taken some getting used to.  In hindsight, I was not raised in an environment where straight-forwardness was accepted, if you weren’t the parent.  Directness was not valued, if it wasn’t beneficial to the other person.  There could never really be an open and honest conversation about anything that wasn’t mutually agreed upon.  As far as I was concerned, it just saved a lot of grief just to tell people what would please them and not cause any conflict, rather than be direct with my true thoughts or feelings.

My Fortune (that Mister opened!)

When Mister cracked open his cookie he read aloud:

“When in doubt, let your instincts guide you.”

Yes, he definitely had MY fortune.

I have always put what other people think and feel before my own thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, most of my decisions and/or actions have typically been based on other people.  Whenever I’ve doubted myself, I’ve always looked for validation from others.  Am I thinking right? Am I doing right?  Should I do something else?  A big reason that I started blogging is to try to grow as an independent individual with the ability to think and speak for myself without worrying what others think.  I have been doing so much better at that, with Mister encouraging me to follow what I think or feel.  He knows I am a validation seeker, and when I try to get that from him, he gently guides me back to ME.  He reminds me that I am a smart, thinking, responsible adult, and I do not need his or anyone else’s approval for what I feel and think; that I must let my “instincts guide me”.

Fortune cookies.  Sometimes they’re silly, and you can add “between the sheets” or “under the table” to make them funny.  And sometimes, well sometimes, they’re just extremely thought-provoking.

Growing in my Dash,


New footings, new rebar, raw sewage…OH MY!

Footings are Dug!

Yesterday Mister was hoping I would post new pictures of the footings that were dug for the Beast’s (the RV) garage (I’ve put these and a couple of others on the Garage Project page). I was too tired to do it last night, but I wasn’t going let him down tonight!  After getting the footings dug, the crew got all the rebar set in it yesterday.  After they finished, we were anxiously waiting for the city inspection so the crew could move on to pouring concrete.  Ok, Mister was the one anxiously waiting.  I’m really just observing the process.

We also needed the plumber to come out ASAP to dig the trench that will connect the sewer lateral and bring a dump (sewer connection) into the Beast’s garage.   I’ll wait a moment while you either say, “ewwwwww” or make a stupid/funny joke in your head about the Beast needing to have a dump.  Ok, moving on….

The Inspector finally came out late this morning and signed off on the work that’s been done.  We had to wait until the afternoon for the backhoe guy to come out and start digging for the dump/sewer line.  He didn’t get here until around 4:30.  Mister and I went out to dinner and when we came back around 6:30 we didn’t see any vehicles around.  So Mister went out back to see what how much work was done.  I head out to the back door in time to see the plumber’s van out there and hear the plumber speaking rather forcefully on the phone.  As Mister walked towards me I asked him if all was well.  Um… Nope.

Turns out the backhoe guy busted the sewer line.  The brightly marked sewer line.  Why?  Because he thought it was lower than it actually was.  Now, if I had a backhoe that was capable of digging deep trenches and moving tons of dirt and rock, the first thing I would do is assume the sewer line I am directly working over is deeper than I *think* it might be.  That’s genius right there.  As a result, Mister told all of us that we were not to use any water unnecessarily.  As he said that, the two green tea drinks I had consumed at Panda Express decided they no longer needed to take up space in my body.  Also at that moment Josh happened to walk up and mention that he needs a shower because he didn’t take one yesterday. Lovely.

We all agreed to try our best to maintain the status quo unless it was absolutely necessary to change it (if you know what I mean, and since you’re smart I know you do.)  Thankfully the plumber came to the door 15 minutes later and said he had been fixing the issue while we were out and everything was now ok.  I was very relieved.  Literally.  The kids (especially the teenage girl) were very happy to know they could now get their showers.  Me, I was just happy to know the bathrooms were available for use at any time I pleased.  Because you simply don’t appreciate that until it’s NOT available.

View of Footings from the back of the property

Construction. Always adding surprises to your Dash…


P.S. There are NO pictures of the broken sewer pipe because the aroma that you encounter by even driving behind the “You Dump It, We Pump It” trucks is more than I can bear. Just sayin’…

This is NOT my picture it belongs to I just think this is the funniest Septic Truck I've ever seen!

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