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It’s Honor Roll time!

We went to Joshua and Callie’s awards assembly today.  Joshua and several other students played their instruments while the all the other students sang an opening song.  He did well, and I’m proud of him for spending his lunch hours practicing for this as it was a voluntary performance.

Both Josh and Callie were awarded for making the Honor Roll. Callie had 1 B, otherwise she would have had her Straight-A’s again.  They were also rewarded for “exceeding” in several subjects on their state AIMS tests last year.   I’m very proud of them!

Unfortunately, Megan got two C’s on her report card.  And that means no “Dinner out on Mom” for the kids.  They usually choose Chili’s or Red Robin, so I’m kinda disappointed too!  However, it’s probably for the best, since God and every one else knows I’m trying to lose this darned weight!!

Miss Callie

I’m not so proud of those who conducted the assembly.  The principal (who does a fantastic job with these assemblies) wasn’t there, so some admin woman did the awards.  She’s gives off the “I’m not a nice person, but I’m going to pretend that I am to all of you parents” vibe.  She didn’t seem to know what she was doing, and she had the teachers tripping all over themselves trying to pass out awards.  They have a new staff member there, and he was running around with some paparazzi type video camera taking video of the kids AND the adults sitting in the audience.  We were sitting in the front row, and he did one of those “Price is Right” runs down our row with the video camera.  This guy was videoing from the hip position (with the camera pointed up at the kids’ faces), then would quickly kneel and get video from that view (pretty much the same as the hip level).  He kept walking in front of the teachers passing out awards as the kids were called to the front.  He was right in the kids’ faces and he generally looking like a complete idiot and nerd.  Of course we also had the one mom who has to get out of her seat, walk up their little “red carpet” (it’s purple) and call her kid BACK to get a picture of them.  DURING the ceremony.  People like that are so obnoxious to me.  I know, I know… the world is ALL about them getting just the right picture at the expense of all the other parents and students. What was I thinking to actually complain about it?! But, I digress…

Way to go, Josh & Callie!  You worked hard and I’m so proud of you (but I’m NOT sticking that obnoxious Honor Roll bumper sticker on my car)!!

Great job, kiddos!

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