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The Love Shack

The Love Shack! (Notice the Love Bears?!)

After the garages were finished, Mister and I got to work on turning some of the old garage (that’s what we named the garage that was existing before he added the other two garages) into a temporary hobby room.  It   is the perfect place for Mister’s Amateur Radio and my scrapbooking and miscellaneous hobby stuff.  It is a 32′ garage, so we took the last 10 feet and made that into our room.  We’ve still got plenty of room for the parked cars, and Mister’s toolboxes and work bench.  Mister told me to plan on two weeks for us to just get the wall framed and up. Sounded perfect to me!   Turns out, we got it up in 24 hours’ time.

We weren’t looking for anything fancy, just something temporary until the kids move out (the last kid leaves in 7 years, 3 months and 2 weeks… but who’s counting?!), and then we can reclaim the two other bedrooms in the house.  I told Mister I was perfectly fine with paneled walls.  I was impatient for it to be done, it’s temporary anyway, and I didn’t want to deal with the messiness of the drywalling, mud, tape, & texturing process.  So, in one weeks’ time we had the room completed.  We didn’t get a big carpet remnant as we had planned, but that is no big deal to me.  There is a fairly good sized scrap of carpet in there where I have my space, and that’s works out nicely.

Mister had been storing an unassembled day bed in the garage, so I told him he should set it up in the room.  It’s a great little place to sit and work on embroidery.  I also told him if he ever wanted to escape from the craziness of the house, it would be a perfect nap spot.  It ended up being the first thing he set up in the room.  I’m not sure what he’s trying to say with that…

When we were moving our things into the room I made a comment about having the perfect spot in “my scrapbook room” for an item.  Mister looked at me, smiled hugely and started cracking up.  He just pointed a finger at me and said, “YOUR scrapbooking room, huh?!  I KNEW you were going to try and claim the whole place for yourself!!”  Against such a Freudian slip, I had no defense.  We are very playful and tease each other a lot, so he wasn’t being mean and I wasn’t really trying to claim the room for my own.  I am thrilled with being able to share a space with him, as I enjoy being in his presence as much as possible.  However, to cover my little error in speech, I told him that we must rename the room and I jokingly called it “The Love Shack”.  It was just a joke, but the name has stuck… Oh well, it’s cute, and I love it!

Here are some images of us getting the room done from start to finish:

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The Special Project and crafty stuff

Jill's Afghan

I love crafts!  I really do.  I get excited, start a new project, passionately work away on it, and then get burned out.  I get bored.  It gets repetitive.  I can’t wait for it to be DONE.  It’s my “crafty-cycle”.

Knowing that I am like this, I decided to start working on an afghan that was going to be a Christmas present for Jill.  I mentioned it as a “special project” several times on FB and my blog, because I didn’t want her to know I was working on it.  I wanted it to be special.  I wanted it to be done nicely.  Meaning, I didn’t want to get to the burnout stage two days before I needed to have it finished so that I could mail it.  THAT is also part of my crafty-cycle.  This time was different; I was proactive.  I ordered all my yarn and supplies in July and started working on the afghan.

I live in the desert.   Summertime in Havasu means that temperatures can be anywhere from 110° to 120°.  From June through October.  Yes, October.  (Halloween night was 78°).  To say that crocheting an afghan during summer here is ‘a bit uncomfortable’ would be an understatement.  However, her afghan was pretty nifty, in that I crocheted very long rectangular strips, and then attached them as I went along.  So it didn’t get too big or heavy for my lap until the weather started cooling down.

All finished!

I LOVED crocheting this project.  Since I gave myself four months to get it done, I was able to take a lot of breaks and never got tired or burned out on it.  I did great on it too, until it was time to do the final border around the entire blanket.  That’s when I realized I had made a HUGE mistake on both ends of each strip I crocheted.  When I realized my error, I started to freak out.  The only way to correct it would be to dissasemble each strip, and take out the entire last round on the strips and redo them.  It would take FOREVER, given that I was almost done.

I gave myself about 15 minutes of being pissed off, frustrated, and teary-eyed; then I gave myself a stern talking to.  I CAN do anything I put my mind to.  I AM talented, I AM crafty, and I WILL NOT let some crochet project defeat ME.  So, I did my own pattern for the trim around the afghan, correcting my mistake and trying to finish it in a nice way.  There was much frustration, and pulling out of stitches, but I finally finished it in a way that didn’t look like I can’t read patterns right. Yay!

Card #1

I also LOVE to scrapbook and create homemade cards.  I haven’t had time, or the room, to do that the last two years.  This year I was determined to create cards for a few people.  I drug all of my supplies out of the closet they’re crammed in, told Mister I would be busy for most of the day, and proceeded to spend about 5 hours working on 5 cards.  Pretty excessive amount of time, but I like to try to create different designs with different kinds of paper.

Card #2

It was so much fun getting my supplies out, and working on that stuff again.  Mister has plans going to create a hobby room for us in our existing garage, where there is currently an air conditioner.  He’ll have an area for his HAM radio equipment, and I’ll have an area for my scrapbooking/sewing stuff.  He is such a Handy-man kind of guy, and I am SO excited about this!  He is even drawing up plans to create a scrapbooking station for me, that is similar to The Scrapbox.  To say I’m excited about THAT is a HUMONGOUS understatement!

Now I have the scrapbooking “itch”.  Until then, I’ll have to satisfy that with helping Mister build the room in the garage and the scrapbooking station.  That should keep my crafty side occupied for a while!

Is there a particular hobby or craft that you enjoy doing?

Card #3

Card #4


Card #5




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