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Another Garage Update!

Mister is getting excited.  There is finally some progress being made!  This week they removed the eave from the existing garage.  They also dug the trench and placed the forms for the smaller garage’s footings, and set the forms for the stem-walls in the Beast’s garage.  This morning we woke up to a concrete truck in our backyard.  Awesome!!

Next week they will prep the ground in the small garage for the slab to be poured.  The Beast’s garage is pretty much ready, as they have already leveled the ground, added dirt, and then tamped it down.  When they end up pouring the slab for that garage, they will end up removing all the wood they’ve placed around the gas line to protect it.  We were told they will end up placing a board above the line to suspend it while they do the pour.  We can tell it has really been a real PITA having to work around it.  The utility company *only* wanted $22.50/foot to temporarily move the line.  Obviously we didn’t pay that outrageous amount, and so the workers have to tread carefully around it. They are enjoying that tremendously…

Next update should have slabs poured. Until then, here are some pictures…

No more eave...

Small Garage Footings

Protecting the Gas line.

Prepping the Beast's toilet for the concrete pour

Good Morning, Taz Concrete!!

All done. Time to cure...

They removed the inside forms during the afternoon to smooth out the footings. Purty.

The stem-walls in the Beast's garage

Top view of the stem-walls

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