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Company’s Coming!!


It’s been pretty quiet around here with the kids gone for Fall Break. Although, it’s gonna end on a pretty exciting note!  I must quickly digress tho…

Most of you have probably noticed that Brad and I are a May-December couple.  While my entire family supports that by no longer speaking to me (and really, that IS supportive whether they want it to be or not), Brad’s family has been incredibly welcoming, warm and wonderful to me.

His Mother very kindly welcomed me to the “group” last year when she first met me, and then gave another very warm-hearted “welcome to the family” after Brad and I married in May.  She also guided Brad and I into hugging one another and reminded us to be good to each other.  Very special words that I will always take to heart.  His sister, Jan and her husband Mike, are so down to earth and the sweetest people.  Not to mention TALENTED!! Jan has a green thumb the most accomplished horticulturist would envy, and Mike is such an amazing craftsman with wood… He just built a real-size wooden FISHING BOAT so they can enjoy the Oregon lakes (and possibly ocean?!)!! It is beautiful!

The Slaughter's

Brad’s son Brian, and wife Jill, and their daughters are AMAZING.  We spent our summer in Oregon, where Brad’s family lives, and I really was able to get to know them.  We had so much fun together, and I can honestly say that Jill is my best friend (right after Brad) whether she wants to be or not.  I pretty much stalk her.  I hope they don’t get mad at me for putting their picture in here, but I LOVE it.

Now, because of the age difference between Brad and I, Brian is actually older than me. [That makes me laugh, just so you know…]  We all have an inside joke about me being a step-“Grandma” to the kids, but we all crack up when we say it.  That pretty much started because Jill couldn’t stop referring to us as “Grandpa and Grandma” to their girls.  At lunch one day their oldest daughter was saying the prayer and as she was praying she said, “…and thank you for Grandpa and Grandma…” [long pause] and I burst into laughter.  So his granddaughters will jokingly say “Grandma” every now and then.  I think it’s hilarious, because in NO WAY am I a grandma nor ready to be one (do you HEAR ME, Megan?!).  Brian jokingly refers to me as “lil’ mom”, and that cracks me up too.  If he’s gonna call me anything I certainly prefer that to Big Momma or Lil Muther, or any myriad of other “names” that could be chosen, if you know what I mean.

Back to company… Brian works hard for his family as a long-haul trucker.  He has never met my kids, but they are anxious to meet their “step-brother” and he seems to really want to meet them as well.  A very rare occasion has come up where Brian just happens to be heading our way and can stay overnight for a visit.  The kids aren’t here right now, but the day we head out to pick up them up from their Dad, Brian is heading the same way too.  We just might be able to have the kids meet him!

I am fairly excited because we are so far away from Brad’s family and now we’ll have a chance for a visit!  Although, I have to say I am bummed I won’t get to see Jill this trip.  (Gotta put that out there, Jill!! I’m missing you!!)  But that’s ok, I’ll get to see her soon enough. Brian will also get to see the garage project his Dad is doing now too.  Way cool!

I baked another batch of those Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies for Brian to take with him, hopefully some of them will make it to Jill! [Hint, Hint!]  Thank goodness I just put the last batch in the oven, so I no longer have to use all my willpower to keep from getting into the cookie dough!

Completely enjoying the surprises my “dash” holds!


The Saturday Weekly Wrap-Up

A Beautiful Havasu Day

This morning I threw open all the windows, sliding glass doors, and the front door.  I was completely enjoying the house brightened with natural light, a cool breeze is blowing, and the temperature at a wonderful 76°. Ahh, such bliss….

Then I saw all of the dust-bunnies stirring.

Sigh…. So I did my bi-annual dusting.  Well, not really.  More like quarterly.  For all my CDO (remember, OCD but in alphabetical order!!), I am NOT that way about cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong, my house isn’t a wreck and everything has its own place and is usually put in it.  But, I like my house to look like the kind of place it is… PEOPLE LIVE HERE.  There’s usually a stack of papers on the coffee table, and the computer desk has that messy pens/papers/coupons/paper-clips look about it.  The house is always kept nice enough that I wouldn’t freak out if someone knocked on the door and wanted to come in and visit for a bit.  However, when the dust-bunnies come alive, it’s time to get out the Swiffer thingy.

Dust bunnies

Image via Wikipedia

Anyway, with the Saturday fall-cleaning out of the way, now I get to fully enjoy the airy house with my husband sitting beside me.  And it’s so quiet!  It’s officially Fall Break and that means earlier this week we took the kids to go to their Dad’s.  I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE their school breaks as much as they do!! They get to go spend time with their Dad, and Brad and I get time to ourselves.  I feel very fortunate that he is retired and we get to spend this time together.  The price we pay for it is the very long drive to drop-off the kids (four hours each way), but it’s worth it.  This last trip felt like it took forever, but I brought my project with me and got some work done on it!

The So-So Pumpkin Scone

Friday it was so cool outside that I couldn’t resist the temptation to do some baking.  I found a recipe for pumpkin scones that I just had to try.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed with it.  It tasted fine, and I’m glad I followed my usual “double the spice” rule.  Otherwise it would have been very plain.  I think I’ve just been spoiled by Starbucks pumpkin scones, and now I’m determined to find a recipe that is the same or at least similar.  This one will be my next attempt!

We were hoping to get Brad’s garage started this past week, but alas the county had to justify it’s job and red-lined the engineers plans. (I hope no one from the county stumbles upon this.  If so, just know that all names on this blog have been changed to protect the identity of those starting any garage projects held up by you.)  We were all excited for the crew to break ground on Tuesday or Wednesday, but no one ever showed.  We discovered yesterday there was a hang-up, but the engineer has completed the changes (that a county worker decided he knew better about than an actual certified engineer…but I digress) and perhaps we’ll get it started this week.  I’ll post more on “The Garage Project” later.

All in all, it’s been a busy week getting the kids ready to go.  We only got 9.9 miles in this last week due to our busy-ness, but that’s better than nothing!  I managed to not give in to the scale-temptation again, and I have dutifully held to my new skin-care regime for the last two and a half days.  I find all the time spent at night on it to be annoying, but I don’t want to look like a prune in 10 years.

Now we’ll get to spend the next week relaxing (in our freshly dusted home) and enjoy our kid-less time.  Tomorrow is Brad’s 36th birthday (I love transposing his numbers to the age he *feels* he is!).  We have plans to take the boat across the lake and spend a fortune ($20) on the penny slots as well as have a nice lake-view lunch. It’ll be lots of fun!

Enjoying my dash!


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