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Got T-Shirts?!

I hate that I've read this shirt many times. MANY TIMES.

Mister loves funny/witty T-Shirts.  He is definitely a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy.  Actually, here in Arizona he’s a jean SHORTS and T-shirt kind of guy. I’d say a fairly decent sized section of our closet is all of his hanging T-shirts smooshed together, and he’s got quite a collection!

I tortured him last night by asking him to get out all of the “good” ones so I could take a picture of him in them.  Yes, he actually put on about 25 different t-shirts and let me take pictures.  I’m certain that is the definition of torture to all men.  He was a good sport about it, however I’m also just as certain there is going to come a time when he utters the words, “Do you remember the time when you made me…” and I will regret this.

Without further ado, here is Mister and all of his T-shirts!

I have to start with this one, because I've heard many times, "You were 16 when I got this one...HAHAHAHA!" Yeah. Ha Ha Ha

I think this could fit almost any situation...

This can't be said enough times about some people.

If you're gonna procrastinate, this is the best reason for it.

Ah... Don Quixote. Some days it really does feel like a Tilting at Windmills kind of day...

He asked me if he should wear this one on our wedding day. He's alive, so that means he made a wiser choice.

I don't care who you are; or which party you are, or aren't, a part of... That's funny right there!

I've decided this must be his favorite T-Shirt. Simply because he ALWAYS seems to be wearing it whenever I'm taking a picture of him.

The HAM radio shirt

Mister and his Bad Ass Biker Shirt

The Eternal Maze. Otherwise known as Life (IMHO)

He got this one free in Sturgis, but also makes sure to wear it to the Oregon Country Fair.

This one actually caused a co-worker of mine to say to another co-worker, "But didn't Reagan die?!" D'oh!

Mister definitely does... Ha!

Seriously, more people need to pay attention to this one!

I bought this for him Christmas of 2009. I make sure he wears it. Often. 😉

Nothing to see here... move along!

Um, Yeah, right....

Thank goodness I wouldn't know anything about that...

I'm thinking there may be some issues here...

The perfect St. Patty's Day shirt!

The best Halloween shirt!!

You betcha! (He's also NOT allowed to wear this one at any sort of Christmas gathering where there is mistletoe and other women)

I could see Josh being responsible for this

I know it's not a t-shirt, but I had to include this here!

I love getting T-shirts for him at, and here’s a couple more I’m very tempted to buy him:

Yep, THAT sounds familiar.

Just because somedays you need to get a gold star for doing something...

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