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Be careful what you wish for…

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Today was one of those days where I woke up thinking, “I wish I had an excuse not to exercise… Maybe I should suggest we just go 2 miles instead of the normal 3.3 miles.”

Wish granted.  No exercise. Commence anxiety-filled day.

Poor Josh came to me with an ailment at about 7am.  Said ailment freaked. me. out.  I debated between waiting to call the doctor’s office and throwing him in the car and taking off to urgent care.  Brad suggested I call the nurse hotline on the back of Josh’s insurance card. Uh… Duh.  So much for my remaining calm.  After playing 50 million questions with her, we decided the issue could wait until the doctor’s office opened.

After contacting the doctor, we arranged for an appointment at 11:30 am.  Tick. Tock.  Tick. Tock.  Brad instantly knows when my anxiety ramps up.  He is always trying to be very calming, as I tend to turn into a frantic mass of “I must fix this NOW”!!  I don’t like having to have to wait 2 hours for a doctor’s appointment when I feel there is an urgent need.  I AM very grateful to have Josh been able to be seen same day though… Don’t get me wrong! Our doctor is wonderful and after she saw Josh, she arranged for two action plans (I LOVE that about her).  Plan A was to adhere to a treatment plan given to her by a specialist (that she called… during Josh’s appointment. Wow).  Plan B was that if there was no improvement, the specialist would make sure to get Josh in during the afternoon.

Plan A sorta/kinda worked, but not well enough.  So Plan B went into action.  My anxiety kicked up during the hour-long wait for the specialist to see Josh.  I could feel my heart racing.  I texted Brad while waiting.  That was helpful, and he was very encouraging.  Plus, he knows that as a Mom, I was freaking out while he knew all would be well.  He was right. As usual. (He’s gonna love reading that part.)  The appointment went well, my worst fear was not realized, and Josh is on the path to wellness.

I also had a dinner that I had pre-made and it was ready to just pop in the oven when I got home.  Although, Brad was at the ready to make sure it was finished in time should I run late.  I very much appreciate my life-partner, and the fact that he was there, helping with my burdens for the day.  The other day, after a particularly sweet comment from him I asked, “Are you for real?”  He responded with, “I love you for real.”  Yes. Yes, he does.

Living my dash (albeit a bit more anxious than I would have liked)


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