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Bah Humbug!!

Kids putting the ornaments on the tree

Scrooge.  That’s me, when Thanksgiving is over and I know it’s time to decorate the house for Christmas.  I hate it.  I hate the bother of pulling out all the boxes (I’ve got it down to three Rubbermaid tote boxes, plus the tree).  I hate the annoying task of shifting things around in the house, finding places to put the Christmas decorations.  I hate the mess of pulling all the crap out of the boxes, and that they stay there for hours while you get stuff decorated. I particularly hate the tree.  Ugh.

The dreaded tree. Ugh.

Yes, I’m a huge Bah Humbuggy Scrooge when it comes to this part of Christmas.  I wake up with a headache, tense, and annoyed at the task of decorating.  I have pared things down to the bare minimum amount.  Just enough to give us the “Christmas Spirit” (that I never have at that point in the holiday season), and enough to make the kids happy.  The tree is my biggest hurdle.  Mister knows this.  Now.  Let’s just say last year gave him a steep learning curve.  Poor man.  Having been through a bit of a “trial” last year, he knows how stressful decorating day is for me.  And he does absolutely everything in his power to reduce my tension.  Not that there is much help for that.  If it were up to me, I’d have Charlie Brown‘s skimpy tree and call it a day.

Mister topping the tree with our Angel.

With Mister by my side, we were able to get the decorating done fairly easily.  I only had one moment that reduced me to tears, and it was over the way he was spreading the tree branches.  Yes, really.  It was stupid, but it wasn’t the way I had done it in the past. However, it was the way he had always done it, and the way “all the real trees in Oregon” are.  Whatever.  I couldn’t argue with that.  However, I knew that the next task was to put on the despicable lights.  I couldn’t see any way they were going to be wound around branches, if all the branches were flat.  I like a  “full” tree look, and he likes a sparse see-through-the-branches look.  While trying to fight back the annoying tears, I figured he was the one putting the tree up, and going to be putting the dreaded lights on… so he should do it his way.  And, it turned out nicely.  Especially since I didn’t have to fight with that stupid tree and lights all by myself.  Or at all, actually, since my job was simply to keep the untangled light strand from tangling while he wound it around the flat branches of the tree.

I love my lighted garland and poinsettia's!

I do have a favorite part of this dreadful decorating day, though.  It’s my green lighted garland, and the little red poinsettia flowers I decorate it with.  It’s usually the last thing I put up, because afterwards I look at it and it makes me smile.  At that point I know that the awful decorating is done, the garland is up, and the cheeriness of the flowers wipes the Bah Humbug right out of me.   I can feel the warmth of the Christmas season starting to spread throughout me, and I can happily go on my way shopping for gifts and making yummy goodies that will “fluff” us up for winter.

Do you like decorating for Christmas? Is there a part of decorating that you particularly enjoy or dislike?

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