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Such a bad influence…

Since I’ve met Brad I have been forced encouraged to become a healthier person.   The other day I told him that because of him I have grudgingly developed better habits.

Fish oil caps

Image by Stephen Cummings via Flickr

  • I take my vitamins every morning.  And fish oil. YUCK.  I hate taking them because they make me feel sick, but how do you argue against, “I take my vitamins because I love you and want to live a long time for you… Why don’t you want to take care of yourself for me?!”  Gah!!! …So I take my vitamins.
  • I eat breakfast every morning.  I can’t tell you how many times Brad nagged me suggested to me how important breakfast was.  I already knew that, but was just lazy and not a fan of breakfasts.  Now I dutifully eat my small bowl of healthy adult-type cereal.  And I no longer huff and puff and roll my eyes at him about it.
  • I eat a lot less red meat than I used to.  We mainly eat a lot of chicken now, which I really enjoy.  But I do get a burger now and then.  With bacon and cheese.  Sometimes it’s smothered in BBQ sauce and little onion crunchies.  (My stomach is starting to growl!) But, we went on burger overload during the summer, and I have suffered the consequences with 5 vacation pounds that are stubbornly refusing to leave.
    Some green grapes in a small, clear bowl.

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  • I brush my teeth every single night.  Yes, I have to admit there were more than a few nights that I fell into bed and was too lazy to want to get back up and brush my teeth.
  • We eat smaller and healthier lunches.  Usually we  just have a yogurt with granola and grapes, or some lunch meat and cheese (sans bread) and grapes.  We love our grapes!!
  • We exercise at least 3 times a week, but lately it’s more like 4 -5 times.  That’s a whole other post… Ugh.
  • The words “nevermind” and “it’s not important” are NOT allowed.  We always talk out our issues and we won’t end the day until they’ve been dealt with.  We agree that keeping stuff inside builds up resentment, and people who love each other will communicate rather than holding things inside and storing up “stuff” against the other person. Green-stamping and using absolutes are not acceptable either, which is a tough one for me as I tend to use “you always” or “you never” without thinking. The really difficult thing for me is the time it takes me to work things out in my mind.  I end up being pissed for a while as I’m not able to immediately sit and rationally talk things out until I get to a calm and logical place.  Brad didn’t understand that about me at first, but now he knows to just let me be for a while and when I’ve got my thoughts in place I’ll let him know I’m ready to “discuss” the issue.  He is very patient and understanding man, and he makes communication easier for me.

I was pretty resistant to some of most of all of these little changes, but since Brad works so hard to make sure he is a  healthy person for me, it’s only right to take care of myself for him, for the kids, and most importantly, for myself.  He helps me make the most of my dash!

Live your dash well!


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