Making the most of my "Dash"

I shared a status a week or two ago of a conversation I had in the Urgent Care with Mister.  The MFP (The Mother Freakin’ Princess!!) saw it and asked if I’d share my experience on her TMI Tuesday.  Of course, who am I to deny the world knowing about my embarrassing little (or big, depending on who you ask!) moment.

So, click here and go see what I shared on The MFP’s blog.  Also, while you’re there I hope you’ll check out her blog.  She’s full of glitter, sass, and has killer pink hair that I wish I could pull off!  Plus, she loves unicorns.  How can you not love a person that loves unicorns?!

Comments on: "A little TMI over at The MFP" (2)

  1. I’m sorry about the visit to urgent care, but man you really had a great time there. Thanks for sharing 😀 I love TMI.

    • I woke up this morning having difficulty breathing and needed my inhaler. This only happens around this time of year, and this morning I was reminded of that ER visit. I was chuckling thinking about it… and then you happened to read it today and comment on it. Too funny!

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