Making the most of my "Dash"

Life getting in the way?

Mister and I, happily living life!

Today Deborah from The Monster In Your Closet posed a question on her facebook page asking, “If you could choose ONE of your blog posts you’d want to be read far and wide, which would it be?”  The first post that jumped to mind was the “Letter to my Daughter…” that I wrote to Megan.  Deb asked for us to link our posts under her question, and after I did I realized that I haven’t written anything for the blog in quite some time… Yikes!  Not only has Deb prompted me to repost the blog I wrote to Megan on my own facebook page, but also to blog for a bit today. Thanks for the motivation, Deb!

I haven’t been blogging lately, but that’s simply because I’ve been living.  I used to say that “life gets in the way”, but until recently I didn’t realize how horribly wrong that statement is.  I love my life, and it’s certainly not in the way of anything!!  I find myself annoyed at times because I can’t get to the computer to check email, facebook notifications, or blog.  I’m too busy helping Mister build our HAM shack/Hobby room.  We’ve been too busy reorganizing the garage, and I have a special project  that I’m working on for Mister, and those things have had to take priority.

Wait, what?!  I’m annoyed that I’m living life and its keeping me from sitting in front of a computer for hours?! Oh. My. Goodness.  Last week this thought snuck up one me, and I felt like DiNozzo getting hit upside the head by Jethro Gibbs.  Doing these projects and things around the house is me living my life.  And I’m enjoying it fully!  Blogging about it is just a bonus, and something I do purely for myself.  I’ve no right to put pressure on myself, and beat myself up for not getting to blogging in what I consider a timely manner.  What a silly thought, and yet something that I was allowing to make me feel very badly.

Having shared this little revelation, something that I’m sure most people are already aware of and face-palming themselves on my behalf, let me just say that I do have some blog posts to catch up on.  And, they aren’t deeply profound. (Another pressure I add to myself.)  They’re just posts about me, and Mister, and the kids, as we go about our simple life.  And, when I have a moment, I’ll get to writing them.  I can’t wait to share the project I’m working on for Mister, but that’s been incredibly time-consuming and will not be done for  awhile.  I also need to do the last Garage post, because that has been completely finished for a couple of weeks now.  And it’s beautiful!!

Until then, I hope that you, too, are living your life and enjoying it!  It’s our Dash, we have to make the most of it!!


Comments on: "Life getting in the way?" (6)

  1. life is certainly more important than blogging. Thanks for the reminder. Having a good life just means you have something to blog about. xo

  2. Love your blog, Christine. So glad that “Running From Hell” connected our pages on FB … (I’m the Messy Room gal.) I find it very interesting that this post grapples with “living life” and “posting blogs” as if they are in opposition. THAT was the LAST post I put in the Messy Room … months ago! The tide has been out and I am getting ready to ride the wave back in. If it wasn’t for the “in–out” of the flow (DASH intentional) we wouldn’t have anything to say. IMO 🙂 (I TOO saw Deb’s post about choosing one blog post.) Great shot of you and Mister!

    • I, too, am so glad that El connected our pages! I loved the blog you wrote, and I need to remember to not let the ever elusive “they” put restrictions/pressures on me! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment, and the link you posted!!

  3. Love this and feeling some weird pressure myself…think I am not going to let my computer get in the way of my life:) thanks for writing this! Xo

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