Making the most of my "Dash"

Backhoe "Operator Error"

Mister told me this morning it was safe to go outside and take a picture of the newly repaired sewer line.  That the “fragrance” had dissipated.  I was doubtful, but all was well and there was no foul scent to make me retch all over the freshly repaired sewer line.

The backhoe guy sure did a doozy of a job.  The plumber fixed it up nicely last night, and this morning he was back to finish the job by adding in the Beast’s personal toilet.  They refilled the trench, and then the foundation guys came back and finished getting the footings ready.  They are supposed to pour concrete tomorrow!

On a related note, one of the worker guys decided to take the Plans and the Inspection sheet home with him yesterday.  Imagine how happy our General Contractor was when he met the city Inspector at the house today?  I must admit that I rather enjoyed overhearing his phone conversation with the job foreman.  The plans and inspection sheet were back at the house in short order.  Even I know you’re not supposed to take those off the job.  That particular worker was about as genius as the backhoe guy.

Construction.  Still keeping the dash interesting!


Trench for the Beasts Personal Toilet

Beasts Personal Toilet installed, but not quite ready for use...

All ready for concrete!

Comments on: "The er…”fragrance” has dissipated…" (1)

  1. Well, you know the Beast drops 55 gallons when the flush is pulled. It NEEDS a big toilet!

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