Making the most of my "Dash"

The kids meet their new sibling!

NO, I am NOT pregnant. (God FORBID!)

I wrote this post about Brian, Mister’s oldest son, stopping by for a visit.  We had a great time spending a day with him, and we even were able to take him and get a Sno 2 Go (he LOVED it).  The one thing missing was… JILL!!  I suffered through the visit without her, but I’ll get to see her soon… (yay!) But… I think the best part of the weekend was that Brian got to meet my kids.

It has been really difficult to arrange something like this, because when the kids have any breaks they are with their Dad in California.  However, this weekend a very rare situation presented itself.  Brian happened to be in the area for the weekend, and he needed to drive our exact route on the day we picked up the kids from their Dad.  So, we drove the four hours, picked up the kids and once we were on the road I told them they were going to meet their Step-Brother in half an hour.  They about flipped out from the excitement (I am NOT kidding!).  They had been wanting to meet Brian and Jill and their girls for quite some time.

Brad and the "kids"

We didn’t have a lot of time, but we briefly met at a rest stop.  I figured Josh would run and hug Brian (he had said he was going to do just that in the car).  When Brian introduced himself and held his hand out for a shake, Josh’s shyness got the better of him and he just shook it.  Callie is usually pretty shy herself, and will hold back for a bit until she’s more comfortable, which she did.  The big surprise was Megan, who looked at her siblings and then at Brian and said, “Well, I’M giving him a HUG!” and she promptly did.  Josh laughed and said, “Awww, man… ME TOO!”  Of course, Callie followed right after with her own hug.

Me with the "kids" (LOL!!)

Brian told the kids they could get up in his truck and check it out.  Josh hopped up there, but didn’t go further than the driver’s seat (still feeling a bit shy).  Callie got up there too and poked her head in the back, but that was it for her. We all took some pictures, looking dorky there at the rest stop, but I  didn’t care!  After we got back in the car and continued our trip back home Megan said, “I’m not the oldest child anymore….YAY!”  Callie immediately responded with, “I’m still the youngest child, THANK GOODNESS!”  I totally agree with you, Cal.

I can not adequately express how happy I am that Brian really wanted to meet the kids, and how excited they were to meet him.  That really makes me happy, because I know that not always does blending families turn out nicely.  I couldn’t have asked for better people in my life than the Slaughters.  Now I can’t wait for the kids to meet Jill and the girls!!

I really love this family!!


Comments on: "The kids get a new sibling!!" (11)

  1. This family is YOUR family. And they love you too. Which makes me very happy. I know you were just trying to clarify when you called Megan, Josh and Callie “my kids” but I’m gonna step in and call them OUR kids. I do like the thought that your oldest son is 3 years older than you…but he is still yours, “li’l mom” (Brian’s name for her). Oh…and I’ll throw another “God Forbid” out about you being pregnant!!

  2. You are right, Mister, I was clarifying… I usually just refer to them as “the kids” but then things would have been all confusing…LOL

    (I’m throwing out another “God Forbid” just so God knows how serious I am about Him forbidding that!!!)

  3. I had kind of a similar situation this summer when Goose (who is 11) met his half-sister for the first time. She just turned 16. And, they look sooooo much alike it is kind of scary.

    ❤ Fort

  4. When my sister and her husband were trucking, I relished their one- and two-hour layovers in Compton. Never has lunch at the Panda Express been so delightful!

    This recalled those (unexpectedly) sweet moments. ♥

    • And that totally makes writing this little blurb in my life worth it! Such a joy to recall fond memories (and the food that goes with them)!

      P.S. I LOOOOOVE Panda Express!! My tummy’s growling now…LOL

  5. Just found this, I’ll peek in now and then, quietly, maybe just to say “Hi!”, if that is ok…..

    • JIM!! So glad you found your way here! You pop in anytime, and you don’t have to be quiet about it either. Clearly, I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut about any thing…LOL

  6. Nuthinspecial said:

    I read this ten minutes ago and I’m still laughing out loud about the “not being pregnant” part!
    It was really a great “break in my run” back out west, but I agree, getting to finally meet my new brother and sisters was the highlight of this trip! You won’t find me in very many pictures, and definately not at my request, but these I will treasure! Great kids, but that shouldn’t be a surprise, duh, they’re MY siblings! 🙂

    • LOL!!! I just read your reply out loud to the kids and your lil bro piped up that he was in complete agreement with you! I’m gonna treasure these too, you know.

      You also should know that I will probably torture you with trying to get more pics in Nov… Just a fair warning! 😉

  7. Nuthinspecial said:

    In November, Jill will be there……you can take all the pics you want of her! 🙂

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