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The Garage Project Begins!

The Project Begins!!

Anyone who lives in a desert area will tell you that the more garages you have… the better!  You simply can not leave anything outside or the sun  will badly damage it.  The rabbits will also create some serious damage too… but that’s an entirely different blog post (stupid rabbits!!).  Brad has had to keep his Beast (the Motor home) parked outside, and that’s no good.  He has been wanting to build a garage for it for quite sometime.  We decided to stop at the city planning office about a month or so ago and ask about our property lines and as well as some general questions about garages.  We ended up running into a local contractor there, and the garage project began.

Brad's Beast

Brad has been so excited about this.  He’s spent hours hunched over the plans making sure the vehicles will fit properly.  Just imagine Josh getting a full size transformer for Christmas…that’s how excited Brad is about this.  Well, maybe not quite THAT excited, but close enough.  He even got out the graph paper and made to-scale cutouts of all the vehicles and his Beast to make sure they’ll fit right.  He is a very linear, detail-oriented person, and I absolutely love that about him.  Me, I’d just go out and get a measurement of how wide & long the Beast is and add in extra feet and use that as a measurement for the garage.  That little detail stuff about him made him realize that some stairs in the garage were NOT going to work right with his RV hook-ups.  If it were me, I’d have screwed that up in a serious way with my, “Eh, it’s good enough” attitude.

Playing with the Plans

We were expecting construction to start about a week and a half ago.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the city decided to red-line the plans and it held everything up.  We got a call yesterday that the City approved the updated plans.  We had a green-light on the project and we should expect the guys to start digging on Friday or Monday.  Imagine our surprise waking up at 6:45am to find them unloading their Bobcat to start work!  They have to dig down about four feet for the Beast’s garage, and it’s 48 feet long.  Gonna be a serious hole there later today.

Love his To-Scale vehicle cut-outs!!

I’ll be posting pictures as we go along.  I started a page (see the top menu bar) just for pictures as we progress.  We sure are excited! Ok, Brad is a lot more excited than I am.  It’s not like they’re building an additional craft room…

Enjoying my dash!

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