Making the most of my "Dash"

I love new projects!!  Especially the crafty kinds.  However, I get bored with them after I’ve gotten a technique or pattern down.  I’ve been working on a particularly special project and I had gotten to the bored point.  I wasn’t even half-way through it when I realized I was in danger of having a fantastic half-completed project sitting around the house.


I hunkered down with my project, went to a fantastic website that had all of the Supernatural shows on it, I put my head phones on, and got caught up with one of my favorite TV shows while working away on said project!  I also went MIA with the blog  posts.

I am now halfway through the project, and am pushing to get it finished!  I wanted to start doing a blog post a day, and I have some great posts (in my opinion!) I want to do.  However, I am putting those on hold until I get this project done.

In the meantime, it’s starting to feel like Fall around here (even at 90+ degrees)!  We also did our walk/run yesterday, but I only ran down the hill the first time and walked the rest of the route.  We only walked our route again today (no jogging), and that was great for me.  I like that so much better.  In other news, I’ve agreed with some friends on facebook that I need to divorce my scale.  Weighing is now OUT.  From now on I will be taking measurements, as I really believe the scale is my arch-nemesis.

Have a wonderful week!

Living my dash…


Comments on: "A [Supernatural] Project…." (3)

  1. It’s good to hear about the divorce! There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to make peace with your body. One to the biggest steps (imho) is to do things for the sake of doing them because you know they are the right thing to do rather than having that damn scale measure your success.


  2. I was weak and gave in this morning… Sad times, as it just reaffirmed WHY I am not getting on the scale. I must confess, I’ve actually been having symptoms that *might* be peri-menopausal. I NEVER thought that day would come so soon. However, I know that I am doing everything right to show at least some weight change, and nothing is happening. Brad also took his life into his own hands and let me know that I’ve been a *bit* moody lately. Sweet man…he couldn’t have said it in a nicer way either. (He gets major points for coming out of that intact and not pissing me off!) The hot flashes have been the biggest symptom for me. I never used to get so hot. Now I can merely be sitting down, I’ll experience this white-hot flash down my arms and legs and the next thing I know, I’m sweating like a pig.

    Speaking of taking care of ourselves (as I did on your post yesterday), Brad and I agreed that I really should see our doctor. So, I’ve got myself set up to get all the necessary tests/bloodwork. I was annoyed (at myself!), because I had just had my yearly appointment with her at the beginning of August. We both agreed then that I was a “young, healthy, having-no-problems” woman and we’d skip the bloodwork this year and just do it at next years appointment. I sure wish I would have just done it then, needed or not (at the time). Clearly, it was needed, and I just wasn’t recognizing changes at the time. We shall see what happens.

    I’m also going to do my best to stay away from the effing scale!

    Love and hugs to you G…


  3. Glad to be “intact”, honey.

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