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My Inspiration… I stalk her.

I’ve spent the better part of today trying to make WordPress do what I want it to do.  Lots of googling, and experimenting with HTML codes. You see, WordPress wants you to just put links in your side-bar of blogs you like.  But I like the nifty little badges people get to post in Blogger.  So… I. Made. It. Work.

A Beautiful Mess Inside

I ended up going to the blog of A Beautiful Mess Inside.  She had a great idea for how she put her badge (and the code) on her blog, and I asked permission to steal it.  I stole it.  I still don’t have permission, but I don’t think she’d mind too much.  I hope.

I just have to tell you, I stalk her daily.  She’s in an Age-Gap (May-December) relationship like me.  And… when I think of a word to describe her it is: Authentic.  She’s so real, she’s down-to-earth, honest about herself, and incredibly brave.  And, of course… beautifully messy.  She’s quite an inspiration, and I very much appreciate her and the sharing of her experiences.  Plus, her blogger badge idea was way cool… THANK YOU for that!!

Click on her picture, and go check out her blog! You’ll be glad you did…

Comments on: "My Inspiration… I stalk her." (2)

  1. Stealing code so you can, in part, promote me?! Gurrrrrl you are big trubble! 😀
    WordPress is powerful, but it can be powerfully confusing and intimidating too. I’m just honored that you would want to steal something from me. Pilfer away… I’m all yours.

    And about “authentic” – you couldn’t pay me a higher compliment. I’ll share a (May-December) secret with you… part of why I started my own blog when there was still so much to say on the May-December blog had to do with finding my own “authentic” voice. After 25 years of marriage to The Man, I needed to step outside our box and write about that mess inside my head without being in partnership with him. He supports my adventure (perhaps even more than I support it at times) but it was scary to tell him “I need to do this for me right now.”

    I’m coming to realize just how much of my life I’ve spent trying to make sure other people were comfortable. That amounts to more passive dishonesty (lying) that I’d like to admit. So A Beautiful Mess Inside is all about authenticity to me. It’s my hope that in telling my truth I might shed a little light for others on what can be a very dark path at times. I’m grateful to know my words read the same way on “paper” as they do in my messy mind.

    hugs and love to you Red.

  2. I just realized I didn’t respond to this… and I wanted too! Ugh, so much going on this week.

    I’m sure you know that I think your blog is wonderful, and that you do a beautiful job of expressing yourself and your authenticity. That truly is the word that pops in my head when I think of you. I understand passive dishonesty all too well. I hope to be able to become stronger, more confident and able to be more open and honest with myself and others as time goes on. You are a great example for that, you know!

    Hugs and love back to you Ms. Mess!

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